Dino Dodger

As this is our first blog post I would just like to welcome everyone to our new website and tell you all a little bit about our company. We are a small team of just a few people focusing on mobile application development. Our first step into the world of iPhone development is with a little game called Dino Dodger. In Dino Dodger you tilt to control your player as he drives his way through an onslaught of dinosaurs, your goal is to collect as many eggs as possible while avoiding all the dinosaurs.

We are very excited to be finishing up the final tweaks and it looks like we should be submitting the game to apple either next week or the first week in March. We are also planning on releasing an Android version, once I can get my hands on some test units. Since we are using the Corona SDK (big shot out to Ansca Mobile!) to develop our games, releasing it on Android will be no trouble at all! I hope everyone enjoys it as we have lots of other game ideas that we just can’t wait to start working on.

Also, the site is a work in progress so look for things to change over the coming weeks and months as we get everything set up and fine tuned.