Dino Dodger now out for Android!

We wanted to let everyone know that we have (finally) released our first game, Dino Dodger, on the Android platform. You can pick it up at the Google Play Store here. We also have updated versions of Dino Dodger and Dino Dodger Lite out for iOS devices that fixes some issues with iPad 3′s.

We also have been working hard on our next game, Tagline Toss Up, which we are getting close to releasing. Listen up all you movie buffs as Tagline Toss Up will test your movie knowledge by challenging you to guess the movie based from the movie’s tagline. More details coming soon on this so stay tuned!

New versions of Dino Dodger & Dino Dodger Lite now in the App Store!

Hey all, thought you would be happy to hear we have a new update available for both Dino Dodger and Dino Dodger Lite that is available for download. New features include more sensitivity options for accelerometer values, new difficulty level for those who found the game a little too hard, option to share your high scores to Facebook, and some minor bug fixes to gameplay. The Lite version also now includes an In-App purchase to upgrade to the Pro Version, as well as a different ad platform that should eliminate some lag issues during gameplay.

We included the new difficulty setting and sensitivity options due to feedback from users like you…we value your input and would love to hear of any suggestions or improvements you may have. So drop us a line here or find us on Facebook or Twitter.

Thanks everyone and stay tuned for some more announcements coming soon…

Dino Dodger version 1.1 and Lite Version now available!

Today we are proud to announce that our first update for Dino Dodger, version 1.1, is now available for download. Some new features of this update include improved graphics, retina display support, Game Center support, and an optimized iPad experience. Grab Dino Dodger version 1.1 here.

We would also like to let everyone know that a lite version is now available for everyone who has not picked up the full version yet. The lite version includes all the updates mentioned above, the few differences are ads in the lite version and some of the special in game items are not available to users of the lite version. The hearts (to restore life) and golden eggs (for invincibility) are only available in the pro version of the game. We also are working on some new game modes that will most likely only be available in the pro version. Pick up Dino Dodger Lite here.

Thank you for your support and we would love to hear everyone’s feedback so drop us an email or contact us via Facebook or Twitter.

Dino Dodger is now live in the App Store!

Well the day has come, Dino Dodger is now live in the App Store for everyone to download! You can all get it by searching for it or visiting this link: iTunes Link

I would just like to say thank you to Anscamobile for their great product with the CoronaSDK, and everyone on the Corona forums who have helped me get this game going.

Thanks everyone and I am looking forward to hear how you all feel about the game!

Dino Dodger submitted to Apple

Hey everyone, we have finally finished the last finishing touches to Dino Dodger and have submitted it to Apple for approval. This was our first experience in making and submitting an app and there was a few hiccups along the way but mostly a pretty painless process. Let’s just hope the approval process from Apple will be just as painless.

I have seen a lot of variance in app store approval times but hopefully our game will be available for download in about a week or so. Fingers crossed that everything goes alright and I sure hope everyone enjoys the game!