Tagline Toss Up Coming Soon!

Tagline Toss Up, the newest game from us here at Sarcastic Brain Studio, is finally complete and sent off on it’s way for approval. It will be available for iOS, Android, and Nook at launch, with the Amazon Appstore a possibility shortly down the road. Tagline Toss Up is a movie trivia game that challenges you to guess the correct movie from it’s movie tagline.

We offer 3 fun game modes – Arcade, Survival, and Casual…each offering a unique spin on movie trivia. Gamecenter (OpenFeint for Android) leaderboards and achievements are available as well as in-game unlockable badges for different milestones. Tagline Toss Up offers over 3,500 unique Taglines from more than 1,200 movies…and it will be continually updated with taglines from the newest movies.

We will update when each of the stores have approved the app and it is available for download, which we expect to be within the next week or so. Hope you all enjoy the game!